Media Incubator: A Vision of Professional Education – EHP – CZ – VETP – 3-003.

Grant recipient:

Michael – Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola reklamní a umělecké tvorby

Project partners:

Hadsel videregaendeskole, Norsko Borgarholtskóli, Iceland, Andys Design, Czech Republic

Together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are helping to reduce economic and social differences in the European Economic Area (EEA) and to strengthen cooperation with fifteen European states through the EEA and Norway Grants. The beneficiaries of financial support the grants provide are the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. The main aspect that differentiates these grants from EU funds is the great emphasis on sharing and exchanging experience between the donors and recipients of the grants.

The Czech Republic has been a recipient of these funds since 2004, when it joined the European Union and thus also the European Economic Area, which is an agreement between the EU and the countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

The Media Incubator: Vision of Vocational Education project was created in order to create an international working environment for school leaders, teachers of vocational subjects and companies providing internships to vocational school students. The project combined the experience, knowledge and methodology related to the organization, implementation and management of vocational internships for students of secondary and higher vocational schools focused on multimedia, art and the creative industry. Our aim is to support dual education, streamline the provision of professional training and put into permanent practice assessment using units of learning outcomes tailored to multimedia, arts and creativity education.

The project is implemented by MICHAEL – Secondary School and Vocational School of Advertising and Artistic Creation, and the participants are two similarly focused schools from Norway and Iceland and the Czech company ANDYS DESIGN.

The Icelandic school Borgarholtsskóli is a secondary vocational school located in the capital, Reykjavík. It has more than 1,000 students and provides a wide range of educational programs. These include everything from artistic fields such as graphic design, film, photography, television production and performing arts, and humanities to natural sciences, business and economics as well as vocational high school graduation fields such as auto mechanics and electronics.

​​The Norwegian school, Hadsel Videregaende Skóle, is a secondary vocational school located in Stokmarknes. It provides education in media production and IT, photography, graphic design, film, television and streaming, programming and game development. ​The school has modern equipment with its own TV and streaming studio, photography and recording studio. It is actively involved in international projects and cooperation

At the beginning of the project, communication took place by phone and online via video calls, emails and chat. After agreeing on the dates of the activities, it was possible to proceed to personal meetings in individual partner countries with the participation of professionals from Andys Design. The cooperation will lead to changes in the curriculum based on the newly acquired experience and competences of professional staff, adaptation of assessment to ECVET principles and processing of reaccreditation for the Higher Vocational School.

The first visit under this project involved two educators from Norway in May 2022. Like their colleagues from Iceland who visited our school in October 2022, they participated in many workshops at the Michael school. The project also included job shadowing in professional and practical teaching, where they had the opportunity to hold discussions with individual teachers and department heads. During their stay in the Czech Republic, they also completed a tour of Prague and excursions to the Barrandov Studios, Czech Television and many museums and exhibitions.

From August to September 2022, educators and working professionals representing ANDYS DESIGN went to Iceland. The Icelandic school prepared a rich program for them, providing the opportunity to observe the methods of teaching at the local school, hold discussions with teachers, compare teaching methods and the level of technical equipment. In their free time, they explored the capital, Reykjavík, and its surroundings.

The last trip took place at the turn of September and October, when educators and representatives of Andys Design went to Norway. The journey was somewhat more demanding than the trip to Iceland, requiring three transfers between buses and at the airport to get to Stokmarknes from Prague. The school there is highly technically equipped and just the tour of the school in itself was very interesting. They had the opportunity to audit classes and consult with the teachers about the teaching methods, try out the local technology, and in their free time explore the surroundings and take pictures of the aurora borealis.

On December 1st, a conference took place, with the presence of all teachers of Škola Michael and representatives of Andys Design, at which the experiences and achievements from Norway and Iceland were presented.

Program mediator: Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (

The project was also published on the iDNES and websites.



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