About the Programme

Students acquire not only the necessary knowledge of various areas of economics, marketing, management, taxes, accounting, business correspondence, etc., but also learn all the phases of preparation and production of audiovisual work. The selection of literary models, production analysis of the screenplays and the realization of the audiovisual work thus offers the students an insight into the world of advertising and film production and the benefits of working with Michael’s art disciplines.

Students gain above-standard language skills by learning two foreign languages. They will then apply their talents and skills in organizing school events and other production activities.

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The studies take place in an inspiring and creative environment, students are encouraged to take an active approach to studies and are motivated to participate in a variety of projects. They learn to work in a team, to be responsible for their work, to be partners with art classmates. They are able to present their knowledge accordingly, even in foreign languages. Our studios are designed for professional instruction and are equipped with the best technology and the latest software.

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What shall I be?

Graduates find employment especially in advertising, production and art agencies, in managerial positions, as production assistants or production managers. They work in the world of film, television, marketing, art. Many will assert themselves as independent entrepreneurs. Students are also prepared for further study at our college, university and universities at home and abroad.

Subjects and seminars

History and Theory of Advertisement

We will teach you how modern promotion works, how to create effective advertising campaigns, what are the laws of marketing communications.

Film Seminar

The aim of the film seminar is to acquaint students with the history of cinematography and moving images in general with references and examples to specific works of the present.



Výtvarná příprava

Ve výtvarné přípravě se studenti naučí fotografovat s digitální zrcadlovkou i základům postprodukce fotografií.


Taťána Svobodová

Interior designer

"I especially appreciate his practicality and creativity. The addition of lectures by experienced professionals from the field of interior design and architecture was only the icing on the cake."


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