About the Programme

It represents a discipline that helps shape the visualization of public space, determines the artistic expression of print and digital media. In communicates by image and text and improves the daily life of all of us.

The education program is logically conceived as a combination of practical and theoretical education. Students acquire knowledge of visual culture history of the field and contemporary creative industry. In practice, they verify them in art studios, graphic workshops and well-equipped computer classrooms. Emphasis is placed on communication skills when talking about their own projects. Students work on real assignments from clients.

Candidates with distinction in 7th and 8th grade are offered a year of study for free.

Grafický design


Teaching takes place in computer classrooms equipped with both PC and MAC platforms with the latest Adobe software. Graphics tablets are also available. Students draw, paint and design in art studios. The graphic workshop is then intended for practical demonstrations of various painting methods. Lectures, discussions and workshops take place in classrooms with projection or interactive whiteboard.

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What shall I be?

Graduates are commonly employed as employees of advertising agencies, graphic studios, and publishers, as image editors, web designers, and graphic designers. Students are also prepared for further study at our college, university and universities at home and abroad.

Subjects and seminars

Atelier (Design)

Main subject in which students work on tasks similar to real tasks.

Course Teacher

MgA. Jakub Štěpánek, Ph.D.

grafické předměty

Font and typography

Knowledge of typography is an important preparation for graphic work. You will learn to recognize the qualities and differences of individual fonts.

Graphic postproduction

You will learn 2D animation techniques and you will be able to design graphic materials for animation.

Web presentation

Understand how a website works and how a graphic designer prepares a design for its creation.


Adéla Dostálová

graphic designer

“I work in the adZone graphic studio. I'm employed there as a graphic designer. They selected me purely on the basis of my skills and portfolio, which is almost a miracle without me having previous experience in the field. Michael not only showed me the way, but also offered me many opportunities to prepare for it. To this day, I am grateful to my mother for sending the application.”

Student's work

Get inspired by the best masterpieces by our students, you can be here too!

Vizuální identita

Author: Josef Chadima Graphics


Author: Karolína Horová Graphics


Author: Stanislav Mihal Graphics


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