About the Programme

The branch offers comprehensive mastery of individual specializations necessary for film work: screenwriting, direction, production, camera, sound, editing, post-production both audio and video. The graduates will master individual specializations in theoretical, technological-craft and – all above- practical aspects. Teaching is approached individually in order to develop talent and artistic ambitions. Our century is an era of multimedia means of expression. This allows a very wide application of graduates in TV, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations even the internet.

Filmová tvorba


Classrooms and studios are equipped with audio-visual, lighting and computer technology used in most modern workplaces, including post-production processing. They provide a background for professional education.

The course includes seminars and analysis of examples from the field of film and TV drama, documentary and advertising production, as well as those where students meet prominent personalities of all creative fields in the film industry.

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Zázemí oboru Filmová tvorba

What Shall I Be?

Graduates can find employment in virtually any profession in the field. Teachers of vocational subjects will focus on each student individually during their studies. After consulting each other, they will determine what place in the film, TV crew or advertising practice each individual be best placed. Whether as a member of a production team, a cameraman team, as an assistant for editing, sound of direction, or as an independent creative worker. Students are also prepared for further study at our college, university and universities at home and abroad.

Subjects and seminars

Obrazový grading

Naučíme vás základy color gradingu - barevná úprava jako výrazový prostředek, základy color managementu od natáčení po prezentaci, základní workflow, primární a sekundární barevné korekce, práce s Davinci Resolve.

Sound production

We will teach you the basic editing and operations needed to finalize your own movie (ADV). It is working in the professional software Pro Tools. From editing individual audio tracks to final mixing, using so-called plugins (effects).

Work with a professional actor

We will teach you to perceive the work with the actor from the perspective of the director and to understand the means of expression of the actor – gestures, facial expressions, movement, pace and rhythm.


František Kast

Graphic designer, bookshop owner

“School Michael gave me what I needed for the world of advertising agencies that I entered after graduation. I began in a small studio and ended up in a big agency. After a couple of years, I left it and began studying art at the college level. Now I publish and edit books.”

Student's work

Get inspired by the best masterpieces by our students, you can be here too!

Jeleni – Noc filmových nadějí 2017

Author: Jakub Forman Film

Akvárium – StartFilmFest 2018

Author: Marie-Anna Šulc Film

Drag Queen – Noc filmových nadějí 2018

Author: Martin Klein Film


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