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The course focuses on creation in all major area of applied and artistic photography. It develops students´ artistic talent, emphasizes professional skills and theoretical preparation for work and advertising. Teaching is a combination of theoretical and practical training, which is gradually extended. Each student will gain a comprehensive overview of development and events in the field and will acquire the principles of previously used and current technological procedures. They learn the basics of analogic, today rather artistic form of photography, and especially modern digital photography – digital recording and image processing in various computer programs.

Fotografická tvorba


School studios are equipped with top photographic and computer technology. The spacious studios are equipped with the flash and continuous lighting technology, digital measuring technology and all other necessary equipment. Students have at their disposal digital photographic cameras Nikon, analogue cameras of renowned brands for 35mm film and roll film, digital back walls in medium and large format. Students can work on their work and some exercises in a classical way in the darkroom.

The branch is located on the entire floor of a modern extension, which houses four comfortable photographic studios equipped with modern lighting equipment, computers and projectors. Furthermore, specialized classrooms, computer rooms and specialized premises, including the archive. For thematic exhibitions there is an advertising club and the school entrance hall.

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What shall i be?

An expert who can rely on his professional practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in his creative advertising and artistic work.

The combination of artistic and professional skills with knowledge in the field of advertising provides graduates with the prerequisites for independent creative work or wide application in various areas of professional photography, advertising and communication agencies, cultural institutions, in the media. And of course – as an independent photographer-artist. Students are also prepared for further study at our colleges, universities at home and abroad.

Subjects and seminars

Atelier – practical photography

The main professional subject, which focuses not only on the development of talent, but also on mastering the craft - professionalism. We teach students visual language, the ability to express themselves with the image and use art photography in advertising.

Computer Image Processing

The course, which uses the possibility of digitizing video recordings and teaches students to master computer programs with all the possibilities of post-production editing.

History of Art and Photography

Knowledge of the development of art, including the history of photography, helps students to orient themselves in their own work and to be inspired by the development of photographic and generally artistic practices, circles and genres.


František Kast

Graphic designer, bookshop owner

“School Michael gave me what I needed for the world of advertising agencies that I entered after graduation. I began in a small studio and ended up in a big agency. After a couple of years, I left it and began studying art at the college level. Now I publish and edit books.”

Student's work

Get inspired by the best masterpieces by our students, you can be here too!


Author: Kateřina Brožová Photography


Author: Jakub Amler Photography

Módní portrét

Author: David Mejtský Photography


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